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Affected language encrypted for physicians, or ortho/neuro students seeking a complex case (write me and I'll come see you, doesn't matter where you are):

Investigate status post-THA for iliopsoas tendinosis [confirmed] due to chronically shortened psoas acquiring 1 cm in length plus staph/strep with 2 washouts. Likewise point of psoas major (R) where pierced by genitofemoral and obturator (*). Likewise possible obturator (anterior) neuromas - inserted into Addrs Longus (2012 (B)), Addrs Longus avulsed and inserted into Addrs Brevis (2013 (B)). Of note: Ilioinguinal (R) found free-floating in 2014 post-2013 neurectomy (**). Visualize congenital proximal iliotibial band dysplasia, psoas (***), and sports-related Addr tendinosis as possible origins.

(*) 2009 R THA
     2012 R GF Neur, Ibid:
                 B Ob (Ant)
     2013 B IH
(**)         B II
     2014 R LFC


(***) Add: 2017 R Psoas tenotomy (distal)

PS - Yes this sucks.

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