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Breakers, Korean BBQ at Fair City Mall

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Yesterday, a friend and I decided to try Breakers, a recently opened Korean barbeque restaurant that replaced Old Country Buffet in Fair City mall in Fairfax. Though the restaurant was not getting great reviews in Yelp, my friend had been to the Breakers in Georgia and wanted to go. 

Inside, the space is huge. Plenty of tables and private rooms as well. Lots of beautiful pictures  and a nice long bar in front. The menu is simple, either all you can eat BBQ or individual dishes. We chose the all you can eat for $24.99 each, which included beef and pork brisket, pork belly, teriyaki and spicy pork and chicken, beef bulgogi and spicy squid. 

The quality of the meats were good. We tried all the meats in the all you can eat menu and preferred the beef and pork brisket, pork belly and squid over the rest. The side dishes that came out were standard Kim chi,  egg and soup and were decent. Service was pretty good until our waiter got busy, then we had to cook the meat ourselves, which we didn't mind. 

Overall, I think Breakers was above average Korean barbeque, but there are better options in Annandale and Centreville. If you're in the Fairfax area, it's certainly a good choice for a night out. 

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