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A Bite of China

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Opened in Rockville a few months ago.  Very unique menu/style of Asian restaurant.

Main part of menu are skewers-lamb, chicken, squid, mushroom, tofu skin, corn, escargot, etc... All about $2.00 per single skewer.  Heavily seasoned with cumin, lots of cumin and a sweetish ketchupy sauce over top of each skewer.  We tried- chicken, eggplant (the best one), squid (chewy and bland), Mushroom, and tofu skin.  Would need a bunch to fill up, very small.  I don't think I would make these a part of my next trip here.  

We had  "spicy and sour Mungbean noodles"...really good.  A bowl of noodles and Chinese Broccoli swimming in a fiery- oily- peppercorn- vinegar sauce.  We loved this dish.  

We also had Singapore Seafood Rice-  also quite good.  Rice was very light and fluffy, not much sauce/oil.  Good amount of squid and shrimp and looked like roasted pork cubes.  Had some heat with red pepper flakes.  Came out formed like a pyramid with some shredded fake crab...don't judge- it was good.

Small restaurant with maybe 20 seats.  Very friendly waiters, helpful with menu choices.  They were doing a brisk carryout business- one guy was getting large trays of skewers.

Interesting place...would definitely go back on focus on menu beyond skewers.


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