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Group of 20 in Annapolis - Fairly Short Notice

Simul Parikh

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Carrol's Creek should be able to accommodate a group this large, I have been to a large dinner in O'Leary, Lewnes as well.  Also Level.  All are places I frequent and can recommend.

Level has craft cocktails and small plates..  Good food

Lewnes is old school steakhouse, Crabcakes

Carrol's Creek is always good

O'Learys- Top Notch Seafood.

Mike's in Edgewater is the place for crabs.  Not sure if they take reservations, Otherwise they are a zoo.  I took my boat there a few weeks ago and though there weren't many boats tied up the place and parking lot was a zoo.

Thursdays in Galesville is another Crab spot.-Very Local

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If it's a nice weekend and you are willing to sit inside at a crab house, they have some big spaces inside sometimes because most people want to be outside.  I don't know if Mike's or Cantler's does reservations per se, but I think sometimes you can do call ahead and get your name on the list?  For big groups they might let you reserve if you reserve your crabs too.

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