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Fare Magazine - A new travel/food publication, each issue focusing on a specific city.


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This could be interesting.  Fare Magazine is a new publication with each edition centered on one specific city.  Articles cover history, culture, local neighborhoods, and of course food.  Kind of a travel/food publication with articles authored by local writers.  The first issue, which apparently weighs in at 196 pages, is on Istanbul.

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Saveur Magazine interview



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We are delighted to announce Fare Issue 3: Charleston!

Charleston is a gem of the American South both old and new, where on gas-lit cobbled streets locals rediscover and reckon with the city’s weighty past. In Issue 3 we explore one of America’s oldest and best preserved cities—the site of major turning points in American history, and the seat of a culinary renaissance where visionaries both in and out of the kitchen explore Southern identities through careful historical research and the cultivation of centuries-lost ingredients.

In this issue Fare goes deeper into the connections of food, history, and people—exploring how entire cities are built on the weight of food systems, with a myriad of effects that ripple into the present. Charleston is a city of contrasts and contradictions, lush with life, storied in its pasts, and alive with a depth of cuisine that truly belies its size.

Issue 3: Charleston will ship in late June 2018, and is available for pre-order: www.faremag.com/shop/charleston


From their facebook post.

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