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Chef Feliciano Deli and Catering on Backlick Road in Springfield

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Chef Feliciano in Springfield was a catering business until about a month and half ago, when it opened a weekday lunch counter. I'm thankful for that decision, because these are the best sandwiches in our area.

The first thing you see when you walk in the door are empanadas, and trays of fresh baked goods....so one empanada and 3 chocolate chip cookies went home with me. I haven't tried the chocolate chip cookies yet, but they are large and dotted with half-inch chunks of chocolate all over. The empanada was delicious, just as I would imagine a good empanada to be.

On to the sandwiches, and I took home the triple club and the Cubano. I only ate half of each one so far, but they were both excellent. The slabs of sliced pork on the Cubano made the sandwich almost perfect. The club sandwich on a sub roll was really good.

Chef Feliciano tells me he orders his buns fresh-baked every day from the International Gourmet baker, about a mile away. They were indeed very fresh. Bread snobs would be impressed.

He also showed me the beef for the special sandwich today -- beautiful slices of raw sirloin steak in a tub, marinating in herbs and garlic, to be blackened on the flat top and served on a fresh bun. Can't wait to try that one sometime soon. Oh, and sandwiches come with rice and beans (or chips).

The bad news is that it's only open from Monday through Friday for lunch. The good news is that we have a genuine family-run business serving up very nice quality sandwiches (with a few salads and soups thrown in). 

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I write this as am tucking into another delicious Cubano from Chef Feliciano's, with a side of very good beans and rice.This place is the real deal for lunch, and I hope he would consider opening a restaurant with sit-down service for lunch and dinner. 

Chef Feliciano himself is a fun presence behind the counter, pleasantly greeting and talking about food to anyone who walks in the door. Behind the counter today were two legs of Serrano ham, from which he was slicing some samples for us lucky visitors. We were also treated to a small plate of two fried chicken wings, which were also flying out the door with hungry customers.

Despite the limited hours, whenever I'm working remotely from Springfield, Chef Feliciano's is near the top of my lunch rotation.

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