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Hyatt Regency - Los Angeles International Airport


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I just spent two nights at what must surely be the nicest hotel at LAX: the Hyatt Regency.

And I say this with some knowledge of the hotel scene, because I just spent over two weeks in Los Angeles, and spent several nights in airport hotels - this was *by far* the nicest I saw, and it has just been recently upgraded.

The Hyatt Regency is also the closest hotel to the airport proper, although there is no airplane noise whatsoever.

Here are some pictures of my room, which was lovely, but to do this hotel justice, you need to go to their website and see the lobby, the outside, etc. The service was also terrific - I was bumped up to a top-floor room since I'm a frequent stayer, and they were pretty empty those nights.

May I also recommend the 2013 Domaine de Cristia Chateauneuf-du-Pape for $60 a bottle? They have it by the glass as well, but I find it's always better to get these things by the bottle (they haven't been sitting open, and you'll have a chance to chill it a bit). Even with tax and tip, it's really not obscenely priced at $60 (maybe double-retail, but this is an airport hotel, and this is a nice bottle of wine). 

If you can get this hotel for under $150, I say "nab it" (I managed to find a room for $119 if I recall) - their website has AAA and AARP discounts that are less expensive than the "discount" websites.


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