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Pinkerton's Barbecue, Pitmaster Grant Pinkerton's Central Texas-Style Barbecue in the Heights

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I can't believe I haven't started a thread for Pinkerton's yet.  We've eaten here a half-dozen times by now, and find new things to love with each visit.  Up until now, we haven't hit a major line situation, though with them making the latest Texas Monthly Top 50, that may change.  Unlike most Central Texas BBQ places Pinkerton's not only serves beer (with $1 beer Thursdays), but has a full bar which stays open late even if they've sold out of meat.

The brisket here is a solid rendition, and an order I never go without when we're here.  I've never had a dry piece, though there was one time it was tender to the point of mushiness.  Haven't had anything similar before or since, so it must have been an aberration.  The pork ribs here are certainly tender, though they are a bit too sweet for my tastes.  Others (in my own family) disagree.  The beef rib I had on our last visit was massive and excellent.  No reason it wouldn't hold its own with the big boys in Taylor, TX.

Sides are standard, elevated by an extra mustardy potato salad and the ultra-rich duck and sausage jambalaya.  

The vibe here is friendly and low-key, with communal tables inside, and corn hole boards and picnic tables outside.

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