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Danny Gatton (1945-1994) - Legendary Charles County, MD, Guitarist - One of the Greatest Guitar Players in History


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Okay, who was lucky enough to see the legendary Danny Gatton play live?

His reputation is not just local - my Lyft driver in LA not only knew who he was, but put on a recording of Gatton playing after getting *very* excited that I mentioned his name.

"Danny Gatton: World's Greatest Unknown Guitarist" by Phil Harrell on npr.org

Tom Principato talks about Danny Gatton (I've seen Tom Principato play - he's no Danny Gatton, but I *love* his sound and stage presence).

"The Humbler" is a documentary about Danny Gatton in the works. IndieGoGo page.

"New Film Reveals Mastery, Tragedy, of D.C. Guitar Hero Danny Gatton" by Neil Augenstein on wtop.com

You can just tell by the way Gatton *perfectly* imitates Chet Atkins - with a super-clean base line accompanying the upper register in two distinct voices - without even trying, that this guy had licks coming out every pore of his body.


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