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Dr. Randy Kim, The Best in General Dentistry - Connecticut Avenue and Quebec Street in North Cleveland Park

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Dr. Randy Kim was my friend before he was my dentist. We met at a tailgate for a Pitt football game. We ended up moving to the DC area at about the same time. My mutual friend told me to go to Randy, but I was hesitant to see a friend in a professional role.

The first dentist I went to in DC was pretty good, but the wait was long, and he didn't seem up to date.

The second one I went to was in Del Ray. His hygienist did everything, and he came in for 5 minutes to discuss an acute problem, and he said he couldn't handle it, I'd need surgery, and referred me to a subspecialist. Also, they don't deal with insurance, but will help you file a claim. The visit was over $400.

So, I finally went to see Randy, as a patient. He evaluated my films, and said, yeah he could take care of my problem (he's a general dentist, not a subspecialist). And, he did a great job, saving me from a trip to oral surgery and general anesthesia. 

He runs on-time, he's friendly and funny, he doesn't talk too much (dentists always talk too much, and you can't respond !!). His hygienist helps, but you are still being treated by him. He's an excellent dentist and a good friend. Go see him! His office is in Upper NW, and phone number is (202) 362-5596

Simul Parikh

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I'll delete my post by the end of the week, but do take note that a Google search on "Dr. Randy Kim" comes up quite high on page 1 now. 

It's beyond me why people don't take advantage of this to promote the businesses of their family and friends in whom they believe. It's FREE advertising, potentially worth a fortune!

I'm not going to change a thing, because those few who took the time to be "in the know" are going to be rewarded.

Because Simul took ten minutes to write his post, Randy Kim is going to be rewarded handsomely.

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