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Sushi Bar at Sushi Ogawa, $100 Omakase Only with World Class Sashimi and Sushi, Connecticut Avenue in North Dupont

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I had the pleasure of dining with Don at Sushi Ogawa on Wednesday evening, and it was, without a doubt, the best sushi/sashimi meal I have ever enjoyed. I lived 25 years in Northern California, and tried many sushi restaurants there, as well as in Los Angeles and Hawaii. This meal, from start to finish, was perfection.

The traditional nigiri (my favorite type of sushi) was impeccable. Wonderful rice beneath fish that melted in my mouth, enhanced with the perfect swipe of sauce and other toppings. Other notable dishes were the fried shrimp and miso soup with clams. The sashimi was fabulous, and the selection of seafood we were offered was abundant. The tuna sashimi was rich and meaty--the most flavorful tuna I ever recall eating.

We enjoyed speaking with Chef Ogawa as he prepared each course. Several times, feeling quite satiated, I was certain the meal was about to end, but the courses kept coming, each as delicate and delicious as the ones before.

I can't say enough about this meal. It was flawless, and one I will never forget.

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I am going to be all over this. The single greatest meal I ever had was prepared for me by Masaya at the Sushi Taro Omakase counter. Five years later, I can recite the entire progression of that meal.

Cara and I will be there in Tuesday, and I'll be  sure to tell her that Don says "Hi"  since he neglected to do it in person several years ago at Toki Underground! :P

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Omakase at Sushi Taro and omakase at the bar at Ogawa are completely different beasts.  For extravagance and variety, Sushi Taro is amazing.  But I prefer Ogawa for the rice and for serving the fish a little warmer, which improves the taste and texture a lot. 

Definitely make sure that you eat at the bar if you can, it's a big step up from table service (which I was a little disappointed by).  Then again, my experience is that sushi is always much better if you can eat at the bar. 

I would be curious to hear how top tier sushi in Japan compares to what's available in North America.  The only Japanese sushi I've ever eaten was at sushi Kyotatsu in Narita.  It was quite good, probably in my top 10 sushi eating experience.  I know Kyotatsu is famously *good for airport* sushi, but it does make me wonder what's on offer in the rest of Japan.


Japan (lion)

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Given that afelton and Mark know what they're doing (and they do), I think Marty's comment must be taken seriously. I can assure people that while Chef Ogawa was serving us, there is *no way* he was making any food for the dining room. As of right now, based on what I've heard and experienced, I'll go and drop $100 at the Sushi Bar 10-out-of-10 times before I come here right now - even if it costs double, it's worth it, despite the price restricting it to something of a special-occasion experience.

Sushi counter at Ogawa is my favorite meal in the city.  Better than P+P or Komi, and at half the price too!  And as far as other sushi spots, it blows Taro and others out of the water.

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24 minutes ago, DIShGo said:

I went back last week for a special birthday dinner at the sushi bar with my two grown children. It was every bit as good as the first time I went. Fabulous sushi and outstanding service. My two favorite meals of 2017 were both at this place!

Yeah, I'm raising Sushi Bar at Ogawa (only the Sushi Bar) to Bold in the Dining Guide. Other than retiring One Block West (and with upcoming visits to 1-2 other places which I'm pretty sure will make the grade), this is the first restaurant I've ranked in Bold in memory - with appropriate caveats (noted above), it's the best sashimi and sushi I've had in my life.

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Had the omakase last week. The entire experience was peaceful and intimate, as the bar is separate from the main dining area and was relatively quiet throughout. One chef was busy preparing dishes for seated guests while Chef Ogawa was dedicated to preparing the omakase courses for the bar guests.

Sake selection looked nice, but given that my wife doesn't drink, I opted for a cheaper beer instead (tangerine IPA, only $6), which was still delicious.

We started w' an appetizer of raw oyster and oyster mushrooms as well as a very delicate chawan mushi. Both were very briney and delicious. Then moved onto a tempura course, which was also delicious, but maybe was left standing out for a few minutes too long. In the meantime, Chef Ogawa was preparing the fresh wasabi to add to our sashimi platters (generously portioned to ~8 pieces). Suffice it to say, I was already starting to fill up and we still had 10 pieces of nigiri to get through.

I won't go into too much detail on each of the pieces, except to say that the progression was perfect, the fish was fresh, tasty, expertly prepared, and at the correct temperature. My only comment was that the rice seemed a tad bit mushy, but the seasoning was still on point. Oh, and those 10 pieces in the menu actually turned out to be 12 pieces. The only way i could keep count was from the pictures i was taking.  

We completed our meal with a delicious o-toro and uni hand roll. It was a decadent end to a decadent, yet reasonably priced dinner. Dessert was just a single scoop of matcha ice cream (tasted like haagen daez, to be honest), but at that point, i was too stuffed to really have a problem with that. 

Suffice it to say, this was the best omakase experience i've ever had in DC. My only regret is not discovering this place earlier, when the omakase was only $80.  

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