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Smitty's Market, Pit Barbecue Brisket and Sausages in Lockhart since 1948

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Well! My thoughtful assistant has brought me two pounds of brisket and one sausage link, all pre-cooked in the pit, from Smitty's Market - has anyone tried this before? It was just delivered from Texas, cooked yesterday I believe, and will be reheated perhaps tonight.

She went to college in Austin, and says it's her favorite brisket - she's still quite young, but is also a hardcore food-hound.

(Allow me to get a plug in for Operation Honor our Heroes.)

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I've been to Lockhart and sampled barbecue from a few spots, including Kreuz, but I don't recall if I went to Black's or Smitty's. 

There's interesting history about Kreuz and Smitty's that boils down to a family feud. 

I expect your barbecue will be delicious! Make sure you get some pickles, sliced onions and white bread to create the full experience. 

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