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Spot Gourmet Burgers - Owner Josh Kim Transitions from Food Cart to Dive Burger Joint in Brewerytown

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At the end of a day trip to Philly to visit the Please Touch Museum, we stopped by the Art Museum to do our best Rocky impersonations.  We asked our daughter what she wanted for dinner and her response was "hamburger".  After a quick search, I found Spot Gourmet Burgers, which is located at 2821 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130, phone: (267) 930-7370.  It was highly rated online so not knowing any better, after a slight detour for what we thought was a Mister Softie truck, which turned out to be Mr. Softie's evil twin brother Mr. Frostie, we plugged the address in to the navigation and headed to our destination.

This place is a definite dive, with almost zero ambiance, and broken or non-existent ac.  We had low expectations.  We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  My daughter had three mini burgers, which were made from fresh ground beef served on potato rolls and were very tasty.  My wife had some sort of veggie burger combination which looked amazing.  She loved it, the provolone was high quality and I am guessing aged, because it actually tasted like provolone.  She dispatched the entire thing at a rapid rate.  I had a chicken cheeseteak (please don't judge) with provolone and grilled onions.  The chicken was chopped breast meat, and not of the steakum variety.  Again, the cheese had great flavor.  All in all, it was a very pleasant experience, which we did not expect based upon first impressions.

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