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Dumpling Galaxy, Chef-Owner Helen You's Shuijiao (Boiled Chinese Dumplings) in Flushing - Some of the Best in New York City

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"She (the dumpling stand owner) also opened a restaurant nearby in a small mall on Kissena several years ago and I can't remember the name, but the dumplings there were lighter and better prepared (& somewhat costlier).  I think its still there, but I haven't been since the opening".

Well, I made myself curious and decided to check in on this place.  First of all, it turns out that Dumpling Galaxy is on Main not Kissena, several blocks past Golden Mall, where her original dumpling stand in the basement remains &, second of all, it appears that a lot has been written about her.  Seems that Helen You is now quite a celebrity, with a new cookbook and lots of fans (some of whom I know well & respect).  At any rate, here's some reading material on a now famous dumpling maker:

Nov 11, 2014 - "Dumpling Galaxy in Queens" by Pete Wells on nytimes.com

"The Dumpling Galaxy Cookbook" by Helen You and Max Falkowitz on amazon.com

Jun 14, 2017 - "Watch the Story of Dumpling Galaxy's Helen You" by Joe DiStefano on chopsticksandmarrow.com

I'm guessing that I may have to go back.:)

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