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Highline RxR- Bar in Crystal City

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The Highline RxR in Crystal City is a pretty nice spot to hang out with some friends, get a drink and play board games.  We have DOS friends who we were celebrating with, whose house was packed up and we needed a spot to "hang", this fit that bill.  The only down side was the food.  Bless their hearts, 7-11 chicken tenders were better than their chicken tenders, which were greasy and had a strange taste (weird breading, old oil?).  We also had cheese fries with that nacho cheese "sauce" and I just don't care for that taste, they were so smothered in cheese you just couldn't get a non-drowning in cheese sauce bite.  The chips and guacamole were wonderfully acceptable and a big portion for the price.  One of our group had the fried chicken sandwich and said it was not good.  So I would say eat before and go for the nice place to hang out for a while getting drinks.  We mostly had beer or gin and tonic, so no word on real cocktails, but general purpose bar drinks were good.

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