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Rolls 'n Rice, Fast-Casual Japanese with Sushi, Bento, and Noodles in Rockville

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Sunday night we went with my SIL to Rolls n Rice.  She likes getting sushi here because you can get soy wrappers and she isn't a seaweed fan.  The sushi isn't in competition for best of the DMV, but it is affordable and they have a nice selection of bento, normal sushi (very close to like quick made conveyor sushi in Tokyo, I am sure they use a machine to make the nigiri rice and they do it for speed, not for quality of the sushi), noodles, soup, etc.  It is a fast causal order at the counter place.  We have been before and the people who work there are very nice.  They are really fast at making sushi.  Once you order you get a number, they bring you salad, some dishes also get miso soup.  I got a combo bento box with 3 pieces of nigiri, 4 pcs California roll, beef bulgogi, rice, 2 tempura shrimp and some tempura vegetables.  It was really too much food, but I managed to eat it all.  I should have saved the sushi for lunch today, as Matt overate his sushi and said we should have packed up a few pieces.  The tempura was just as expected.  The bulgogi was saucy, but good.  This is definitely like fast-casual Japanese food, but it's affordable and a nice quick stop for dinner.  We like going here, we think it's fun and we can swap things from each person's order to try.

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