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Chrysalis Vineyards, Middleburg

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An update on Chef Hump Astorga, from the Chrysalis Vineyards newsletter:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Renowned Chef Hump Astorga partners with Chrysalis Vineyards

Hump Astorga, creator of Aster Restaurant in Middleburg, joins the team at Chrysalis Vineyards to oversee "The Total Customer Experience" and set forth the culinary direction for all of our upcoming events at Locksley Estate. Hump is uncompromising in his attention to every detail of the guest experience, and enjoys broad recognition for creating and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. In its first year, Aster Restaurant received both the Washington Post's 50 Best Restaurants in DC, and the coveted Washingtonian Magazine's 100 Very Best Restaurants designations. Welcome Hump!!!

ETA: Here is a look at one of his first efforts, the menu for the January Winemaker's Dinner. Sounds pretty darn good smile.gif

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Try going to the Chrysalis website (http://www.chrysaliswine.com/begin.htm) and clicking on Events on the left hand side. It has the price and contact information. At $100 it's not cheap, but some of the menu items sound pretty tasty so it may be worth the money. Especially since it includes the wine pairings.

Wow, this is very intriguing news. Chrysalis is one of the best of the Loudoun wineries, which now number at least a dozen. Their Viognier is really good. Nice to see that Hump landed on his feet and not his, uh, hump.

We live around 8 miles from Chrysalis. I love to tell people that we live in Virginia wine and horse country. laugh.gif

And speaking of Hump, any recent reports from the French Hound, which replaced Aster in Middleburg? It got a very nice review in the WaPo, but then I saw a negative posting about it on another web site -- the poster speculated that perhaps the review had brought too much business for the Hound to handle well. And haven't we heard that before?

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