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Restaurant Week 2017, Jul 14 - Jul 28

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Wanted to make a Dine LA / Restaurant week thread. Any places people are excited to try? 

Tried Lucques for lunch yesterday. It's kind of interesting, a good chef, really tasty meals, but it's in a high priced location in WeHo (and its reflected in the dish prices); and all of the dining energy seems to have moved elsewhere in town.

For appetizers, a cold squash soup (it had a surprising zing of citrus that I loved) / salad were available for desert, and a white fish fillet in beurre blanc, and summer vegetables on top of polenta and quinoa were the lunch entrees. Both were really tasty. 

So, I was impressed, where I'm generally not impressed by the high dining plates here, dishes were tasty and really good, and it makes me want to go back.

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On 7/19/2017 at 0:23 PM, azad2002 said:

Wanted to make a Dine LA / Restaurant week thread. Any places people are excited to try? 

I spent two weeks in LA last month - although I didn't make it to Manhattan Beach this trip, Fishing with Dynamite is terrific (although it's small, and it will be crowded early, so get there right before it opens) - they're participating in Restaurant Week, too.

If you find yourself in Santa Monica, Melisse is also participating in Restaurant Week - they were a 2017 James Beard nominee for Outstanding Service, and deservedly so. I didn't make it there this visit, but I had dinner right across the street at Rustic Canyon, and it was great (also a 2017 James Beard nominee), although I don't know if they're participating in Restaurant Week. If you get there before 5, you can have a sleazy drink next door at El Cholo, which has been open since 1923 and definitely makes the list of Oldest Restaurants in Los Angeles.

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