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A Note of Congratulations to Our Houston Readers - You Have DeShaun Watson AND the 2017 World Series Championship!

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In our Sports Forum, we have a thread on your rookie quarterback, Deshaun Watson. I've followed Watson carefully for the past four years, and have watched every single moment, of every single game, that he has played for the past two years. 

If you're concerned that Watson can't be an "NFL-style," pocket quarterback, well, I think that's a legitimate concern, but I also think that Watson - even though he can scamper - has a pocket-quarterback mentality in his head. The scrambling quarterback works best in college; the pocket passer works best in the NFL, and I honestly believe that Watson has the tools and the discipline to be both.

Here in Washington, DC, we suffered through the agony of watching Robert Griffin III, who won the Heisman Trophy for Baylor,  and for whom the Washington Redskins gave up a *fortune*. RGIII was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, and *deserved* it, producing one of the greatest seasons in NFL history by a rookie quarterback. However, RGIII was never taught to be a pocket passer, and the Redskins allowed him to be a sitting duck for the NFL's monster linebackers, who used him as a tackling dummy. The Redskins didn't take him out when he became visibly injured (it was very, very hard to watch), and just like that, RGIII's career was over (or, at least, it's probably over). 

Don't think for a moment that Deshaun Watson isn't acutely aware of the sad tale of RGIII. All he needs is to be taught how to transition from college to the NFL, and you just may have yourself an All-Pro-caliber QB for the next decade. I'm going to be pulling for the Texans, and for the great Deshaun Watson - I only hope that he has someone down there who can teach him properly; otherwise, all bets are off. 

One thing you shouldn't worry about is all these articles about Watson's interceptions. The articles fed off themselves; I actually *watched* every play Watson made for the past two seasons, and he threw a total of about five lousy interceptions; the rest of them came with a large dose of sheer bad luck, irrelevant situations (an 80-yard, Hail Mary with 2-seconds left in the half, for example) or missed patterns by his receivers - the interception tally wouldn't worry me in the least. 

You've got yourself a champion on your hands, and at least one person up here in Washington, DC who will be pulling for him.


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Congratulations once again to our Houston readers for winning their first-ever World Series in 2017. The Autumn of 2017 will be marked as the beginning of Houston's renaissance, and nobody is pulling for you harder than I am.

I would normally have been perfectly happy to see Los Angeles win, especially with Sandy Koufax and Don Newcombe in the crowd, but this *needed* to be Houston's year after your awful August - I am *so happy* the Astros won!

From all of us at donrockwell.com: We are overjoyed that Houston has done it, for the first time since they were the Colt .45s, way back in 1962. There is no doubt that your great, philanthropic, oenophile-slugger, Rusty Staub, enjoyed his best bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon last night - goodness knows, he's earned it.

(And I'm sorry about Deshaun's torn ACL. :()

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