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Wine Bar in DC, for a Person who Knows and Cares about Wine


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I have a friend coming to town who runs a small wine bar in another part of the country. Friend has asked where to go in DC for a really good wine bar, to try things, swap information with owner/staff, and have fun.

I am old enough to know about Cork and Proof, which I assume are still good.

Are there other places I should be thinking about? Am looking in the District proper, with good wines by the glass that would be interesting to someone who knows what they are talking about.  Not looking for fancy restaurant that will serve mainly expensive old French things. Nor am I looking for some place that serves cheap-ass wine in mason jars for the sake of cuteness. Looking for a place that has good wines that are not seen everywhere, even unusual, in reasonable price range, that would provide fun, comfort, and useful information for somebody who runs a similar bar elsewhere in the country.

Is there such a place these days? Thanks.

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