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The Corner, Homestyle Filipino on Silverbrook Road in Lorton

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On 8/14/2017 at 1:08 PM, NolaCaine said:

Oh this looks good. Anybody been?

Bistro 1521

I planned on having lunch with my kids today & considered going here, since it's close to where my son lives.  But, being lazy & not wanting to drive & thinking it might be crowded after the review in WaPo 2 days ago & not having too much experience with Filipino food, we decided to try The Corner, a Filipino restaurant in Lorton that's been on my list.

I wish I'd gone sooner, it was very good-totally out of the way location with 3 other tables occupied while we were there. We split an order of the lumpia shanghai & the pancit bihon w/ shrimp, E ordered the chicken adobo, T got the kare-kare (which came w/ a large pile of shrimp paste!) & I got the doborito sliders-Filipino chicken adobo in plantain buns with MASH’s garlic-mayo sauce, served with maduros.  Everything was delicious (we shared) w/ the chicken adobo being the universal favorite (less soupy/stewy than other chicken adobo I've tried).  Although I was stuffed & not really a dessert person, I tried the turon (maduro/jackfruit springroll w ube (purple yam) ice cream.

This wouldn't be a good choice for vegetarians, but I enjoyed the dishes I tried & plan to return.  When I eventually make it to Bistro 1521, I'll have a benchmark.

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Thanks for moving this over to a separate heading, I am flipping hopeless.  This is the kind of place I wish I had found sooner, plan to continue to go to, & worry about it closing down because it's in such an out of the way location w/ no word of mouth.  It's a lovely room, across from a hotel (lucky guests), a lady (who I believe is the owner) came by our table & chatted with us, & talked about how guests feedback impacted the dishes they wanted to add to the menu, (& gave us a little info about Filipino food, how it's different in every place).  We asked about 'chickarrones' which I think are fried bits of chicken & chicken skin, may have to try them next time. I was pleasantly surprised by maduros (sweet fried plaintains) on the side of the doboritos-no one in the family but me can tolerate plaintains, but these tasted like fried bananas.  

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