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Chicken + Whiskey, Polla a la Brasa, with over 60 Different Whiskeys, on 14th and S Street

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2 weekends ago, stopped in this new place for lunch and really enjoyed the chicken. Here is the website.  We had a half white and it was cooked perfectly like most pollo a la brasa places but it was also super flavorful.  I almost bought more even though I was stuffed. Kind of addictive. The 2 sauces were good two - a yellow mayo that wasn't spicy and a tomato based spicy one - I'd say a medium strong heat. The sides were hit or miss. The guasaca was a riff on guacaomle and served chilled was kind of meh - especially since it doesn't come with chips or anything to scoop it with. Better were the yucca fries which comes dusted with delicious spice blend that adds the right amount of heat and lime. I thought the chicken didn't need sauce but was still good with the yellow one whereas the yucca fries were good with the orange tomatoey sauce.  The quinoa salad was ok - nice light to balance the strong chicken flavors but nothing too special. The Arroz Blanco was meh. I would have gone for the special rice but like a few of their sides it had unnecessary bacon and other proteins that I don't eat. 

I should also say that this place's set up is a bit unusual. You walk in to a nice bright sitting area - but no full tables, only lots of counter tools so it is a bit odd to eat with companions since they are only next to you and not across a table. This is odd because the space is big enough for several regular 2 or 4 tops. It is counter service so you walk back to an open kitchen and order. The food is all ready immediately. Then further back in the long space are bathrooms and at the end of the hall is a big walk-in freezer door. When you open it, you enter a new sitting area with a few small regular tables and then a big bar area. This backroom is their bar which has a full bar menu/cocktails, but only serves a few food appetizers from the front space.  Moreover, they don't want you bringing food/drinks back and forth between the two spaces.  All a bit odd to me. I think the owner wanted to diversify and have chicken but supplement income with a bar and found this long space and this is a the result. Or the owner just really liked the idea of having a quasi-hidden bar in their restaurant. 

In short - go for the delicious chicken and yucca fries. It is deceptively big menu so I'm sure some other items are good too. 

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3 hours ago, Rhone1998 said:

 They do not serve alcohol in the front area. I will second KeithA's feelings toward the chicken. I have been coming here every few days for lunch for my quarter dark and it's been consistently good. 

Exciting news about the quality and tastiness of the chicken. Less than exciting news about the chicken + whiskey combo. 

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Hit this place last night for some nourishment - the half dark was a wonderful dish and the sweet plantains are addictive.  

The interesting thing is we went under guidance of our friend who is a vegetarian but really likes the sides and can make a meal of them. 

After food we wandered thru the freezer for a  quite nice Vieux Carre.

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Chicken and Whiskey has become one of our favorite delivery options. The chicken is so juicy and flavorful. Just fantastic and they have upped their carryout/delivery game during covid - very quick, well-packaged and fresh every time. We also really like their yucca, black beans, fried plaintains, and coleslaw.

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Chicken and Whiskey continues to be our favorite pollo a la brasa place. One thing we like for white meat lovers is that they will sell you a 2 breast (1/2 white chicken only) deal which works well for us. In other good news, they are expanding to Navy yard:


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