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Bar Vasquez - "New World" Argentine by the Owners of Charleston

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Bar Vasquez is cavernous - a converted 3 stories warehouse with dining set on probably all 3 levels.  We were seated on the first floor, next to musicians who played Gypsy King-like music (but not exactly, since I didn't recognize any songs).

To sum up my experience in one word - underachieved.  The menu read so well that I was disappointed to find rather mediocre execution.

Two dishes were pretty darn good:  (1) Locro - spicy tripe soup with well cleaned tripe and a flavorful soup (2) Broccoli a la plancha - cooked but still crunchy, nicely seasoned.

Two dishes were bland:  (1) veal tongue - very tender but had no seasoning (2) Patagonian red shrimp with spaetzle - again, nicely cooked but lacked seasoning.  There were quite a few shrimps, maybe 6 or 7.

Two dishes were so so: (1) crab croquettes (2) chicken empanada

One fail - sweetbread (grilled mollejas) - chewy and off tasting.

If this place improves, I'd go back.

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Went back to Bar Vasquez.  It is much improved.  We started with CAMARONES A LA PLANCHA - perfectly grilled Patagonian Red Shrimp, tender but slightly crispy on the exterior.  WOOD-GRILLED LENGUA DE TERNERA was another winner, tender tongue with a criolla sauce (similar to chimichurri).  Not pictured but a great value is the prime skirt steak, tender yet full of flavor.  The only miss was the crab bucatini - bland red sauce with equally bland crab meat.  We also had some broccoli.  I wonder why DC can't support a decent Argentine restaurant.


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Given that the owner are Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf this place should be great.  I'll have to check this out as I am a huge fan of Cindy Wolf who IMHO runs one of the best restaurants in the DMV, Charleston. 

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