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Some Painful Proof That the USA Is Still a Racist Country

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This has troubled me for many years, so I'm just going to put it out there, without much comment. I find it terribly sad that our Jewish actors, actresses, and others in Hollywood found (and still find) the need to make the U.S. public believe that they aren't Jewish. 

When our Jewish entertainers decide to stop changing their names in order to pander to middle America, that will be a sign that we're living in a post-racist society; until then, this is essentially the free market dictating behavior, and I find it sad, pathetic, and infuriating.

If this falls under the eyes of any Jew who has changed their name for public acceptance, I'm really sorry you felt the need to do this. However, the one thing you are absolutely not allowed to do, going forward, is to pressure gays and lesbians to come out - you've lost that right.


Note: I had originally posted a video, which quietly went through a large  list of Jewish entertainers who had changed their names not to sound Jewish, but after watching the entire thing, I didn't like what I saw as the motivation behind making the video (quite frankly, it seemed anti-Jewish), so I deleted it. However, there are many examples on the internet, for example, this list on IMDB which is not limited to the Jewish people.

Peace to all,

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