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Silver Branch Brewing Company (Previously Several other Names), Brothers Christian Layke and Brett Robison's German-Style Microbrewery in Silver Spring

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On 9/19/2017 at 12:18 PM, ElGuapo said:

Two local entrepreneurs have signed a letter of intent to lease 10,000 square feet of space for a brewery in downtown Silver Spring at 8401 Colesville Rd:

"Local Entrepreneurs Plan Brewery, Beer Garden in Silver Spring" by Mike Diegel on sourceofthespring.com

Sounds lovely. And while that location is a super quiet one outside of commuting hours, it's definitely convenient for me. I hope this all works out, though I'm not sure Silver Spring will be able to support three breweries (Denizens + Astrolabe coming soon). 

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On 7/19/2019 at 4:59 PM, pras said:

Has anyone been here since opening?

Yes, a number of times. LOVE the beer, especially the fact that it's not all hop bombs.

The food is nice, but limited. And the times I have been there when they have pop-up food folks, it's been a bit pricey.

As with many new beer places, it's a bit kid-friendly for my taste, but as long as we can sit at the bar, it has worked out.

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Silver Branch Brewing Co. has been awarded a gold medal for one of its entries into the Great American Beer Festival, held last week by the Brewers Association, which bills it as the premier festival and competition for small and craft brewers. The brewery’s entry, Beyond the Gnome World, won in the Classic Saison category, besting 79 other entries. The festival, held online this year, attracted brewers who entered about 7,000 products in 90 different categories.


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Stopped in for a few beers the other night. (looking at this topic - we went once in the fall, and sat outside, and I was amazed at how well they were coping with all the restrictions. Sorry I forgot to post, because I like this place and would like to promote them!)

Anyhow, Saturday. 3 of us. Tried the ESB (Cheshire Grin) on nitro (Have had it before on cask and on draft but not nitro. God, we are beer nerds.) Then I had more of that, while the others had the bock, (Unicycle Vigilante). All very tasty. Met the new taproom manager, missed all the former staff, but they are keeping up SO well despite everyone's ongoing staffing issues.

We, being the barflies that we are, wanted to sit at the bar, but they aren't doing that yet. Still working out the logistics they said. But we got a bar table, and hung out and enjoyed being OUT OUT OUT! 

(Yeah, we missed going out.)

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Friday we stopped at Silver Branch early - just the 2 of us this time. Grabbed an outside table, and tried the newly released Oktoberfest. Excellent beer. We ate there too. They are running specials on cincinnati chili at the moment, and it was fine. Not hot enough though - and I don't mean spicy, I mean it was cooler than it should be.  I like my food hotter than many people (temp, not spice), but even the boy thought it should be warmer. Anyhow, warm enough to eat. And tasty. And the service was very good - they are keeping up well!

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