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ustreetguy (Chilly)

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OK - it's officially time to come out of the "pantry".

Starting weight 190 lbs (boy I had really been putting it on over the holidays).

Goal weight 170 lbs which is about what I weighed before joining DR.com :lol: (and happens to be about the weight I am in the pic in my profile).

Like some of the other people, I've had a bit of a delay in getting started. I managed to get sick the day the whole thing started. On the plus size, I dropped a few pounds during that time from not eating as much as I used to. However, I had already been going to the gym regularly before I got sick and stopped going for a couple weeks so I suspect most of the weight I lost was muscle weight.

Anyway, I'm back at the gym as of Friday and as of today I weigh 185 lbs. We'll see how long that lasts as I attempt to find the balance between increasing muscle and the cardio intensity of my workouts while trying to be a little better about what and how much I eat when I go out for dinner.

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Apparently all of these dinners and happy hours have taken their toll. I was down 8 lbs, but as of today's weigh-in I'm back up to 185 :o But I also skipped the gym too much this past week due to the weather so hopefully once I get back on track the pounds should go away once again.

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