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Lawrence Harvey (1928-1973) - Lithuanian-Born, South-African Actor Most Famous for "The Manchurian Candidate"

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Lawrence Harvey was a South African who was born in Lithuania.

1962 - as Raymond Shaw in "The Manchurian Candidate"harveymanchruian.jpg

Feb 30, 1972 - as Mr. Macy in "The Caterpillar" on ""The Night Gallery" -  Screenshot 2017-10-23 at 02.18.43.png

I've been saying this since I was a child, and have still never seen anything more chilling on TV:

Oct 30, 2015 - "Night Gallery's 'Earwig' Episode Might Be Greatest Horror TV Episode Ever" by Julian Spivey on thewordwebzine.weekly.com

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22 minutes ago, MC Horoscope said:

He was in a strange movie co-starring Jane Fonda, Anne Baxter, and Barbara Stanwyck. He was a cowboy of all things hitchhiking with Fonda to New Orleans. But his best was probably Manchurian Candidate. 

He played Dove Linkhorn in 1962's "Walk on the Wild Side" - WildSide.JPG

(Released the same year as "The Manchurian Candidate.")

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For some reason I saw a fair number of films with Lawrence Harvey.  It must have been in the 70's, it was probably mostly via TV reruns of films and it was often with one particular girl friend.  He presented "wierdly" to us.  My old girl friend described him as somewhat stiff, somewhat presenting himself in ways that were more often representative of females, not males (not gay--just more attributable of females than males).  I agreed.

Neither of us found him that compelling.  The one film wherein he stood out to me, at least, was The Alamo (1960), costarring John Wayne and Richard Widmark.  Harvey's formality played well as an officer in the Texas militia at the Alamo who was uniquely formal in the broad context of cowboys and frontiersmen defending the Alamo.  He and Widmark, playing Jim Bowie were at odds in defending the Alamo and Wayne played Davy Crockett the Tennessee frontiersman who had to play peace maker between Harvey and Widmark's characters. 

Not only did Harvey fit the role but he wore a great broad brimmed hat throughout the film.


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