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On 10/25/2017 at 5:37 PM, KeithA said:

When I was in NY awhile back, I had a delightful herring platter at Russ & Daughters. Is there any restaurant or store in the DC area (preferably in DC) that makes their own pickled / cured herring that is very tasty? 

I find it ironic that Keith is asking for Herring.

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The District Fishwife might have some fresh.  Not sure if she pickles her own.  If The Partisan or another "charcuterie" focused place doesn't have them this time of the year, well that is unfortunate.  Same applies for a kitchen specializing in fish.  But the herring may be too far north a this point.

The herring are running in the Long Island Sound.  I bartered 30lbs of freshly caught Atlantic herring from a fisherman in exchange for some finished pickled product. Some with red wine and red wine, the rest with white wine vinegar and lemon juice.  The fisherman in question catches them by the ton, to the tune of 1-3 each day.  He sullenly sells them for bait ($0.13/lb) or to the local aquarium for food.  This is a legitimate tragedy, that such a plentiful, nutritionally beneficial fish which has low levels of mercury is being caught and sold for lobster bait.


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