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Clifton Chenier (1925-1987) - Cajun and Creole Legend from New Orleans, with R&B and Jazz Influences

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4 hours ago, MC Horoscope said:

We were fond of Blueberry Hill but even more fond of Walkin' to New Orleans, written by my townsman Bobby Charles Guidry (he performed under the name Bobby Charles) of Abbeville, Louisiana. They called it swamp pop but that was just marketing. We were on the prairie growing rice and raising cattle, not living in the swamp or the marsh and catching alligators!


That's what we call a belly-rubbing song!

Bobby Charles lived as a recluse pretty much because he was so different from our small town people. His brother worked for the parish school board and was my first supervisor in the school system. Bobby Charles had lived in Woodstock when Bob Dylan and the Band were recording there at Big Pink, so when he moved back to the Abbeville area he had frequent visits from Band members Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, et. al.

Bobby Charles' best known song was Walkin' to New Orleans then See You Later Alligator.

Clifton Chenier version, Walking to Louisiana!


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2 hours ago, MC Horoscope said:

Clifton Chenier version, Walking to Louisiana!

It's because of you (and only because of you) that I was able to listen to the opening accordion riff and know that this is Cajun as hell.

You know, you may disagree, because you "get" the finer points that I don't, but I actually hear some of "The Back Door" in this piece.

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