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Lady Goodknife - Knife-Sharpening and Honing Service in Annandale, Run by Our Own weezy

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Just throwing out a reminder that the holidays are coming up and you may be cooking, slicing and chopping more than usual.  Are your knives up to the task?  Maybe it's time to put a fresh edge on them.  You can message me on this site or email me at ladygoodknife at gmail dot com.   I'm in Annandale, inside the Beltway between the Braddock and Little River Turnpike exits.  You can drop the knives off, or we can arrange a meet.  I also have loaner knives available if you need a backup while I’m working on yours. 

  • Blades 6” or less - $5 per
  • Blades 6”-12” - $7 per
  • Serrated Knives - $8 per
  • Swords & machetes - $15
  • Ceramic blades – steel blade prices plus $2 per knife

Louise Comninaki

Lady Goodknife

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