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New Home for the Holidays?

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I should have posted this long before.  Given the current political climate, I know there are people who are no longer comfortable at their family gatherings.  Might people with extra space/food be interested in getting matched up with members with similar political and food leanings?   Some of the most stress free holiday meals I've attended were potlucks with friends.

We can probably squeeze 2 in for Thanksgiving, but since we're Jewish, we're happy to host for an alternative Xmas day dinner if people are interested.  

Ours is a non-smoking, meat-eating cat-free home, with extremely liberal politics.  We don't care what your religion is as long as you're tolerant, love good food, and don't reek of perfume or patchouli (makes me sneeze like crazy).   All normal food allergens are present.  I have a crustacean allergy but people can bring food with them, just label it please.  Standard poodles present, dog hair tumbleweeds are not.   We will try really hard to work with your pronouns; our chowpup is transgender (and how'd he get to be 18 already?).  

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