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B Patisserie, Pastry Chefs Belinda Leong and Michel Suas on California and Divisidero Street in Pacific Heights

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On 3/23/2015 at 8:14 PM, porcupine said:

B Patisserie in Pacific Heights was just outstanding.  We got a few things for breakfast and a few more things to eat on the plane.  Everything was exemplary, just the way it should be.  Most wonderful, though, was the kouign amann, which I've heard of but never tasted until yesterday.  It's basically croissant dough but shaped differently, with a little sugar to form a slightly caramelized glaze on top.

I also had the Kouign Amann when I was here (although it isn't obvious, it means "Queen Aman," and is a classic dessert from Brittany (anytime you see something in France that's this alien-bizarre looking, it's generally from Brittany.

I saw the picture of it in its Wikipedia entry, and thought to myself, 'Gosh, that looks just like B Patisserie's' - well, that's because it *is* B Patisserie's. The texture of this dessert is what I remember the most - soft, but incredibly chewy (hell, I'll say it: toothsome).

Une <<Bretagne>> Bretagne.jpg

They also have Kouign Amann at (the superior) Craftsmen and Wolves.

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