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Baltimore Restaurant Week  officially kicks off this Friday 1-12 and runs through 1-21.  As someone who used work during this madness, please be kind to your the service staff, and honor the reservation. I won't lecture you all on making multiple plans at several restaurants, but please be judicious in making your plans. A great deal of planning both for FOH as well as BOH goes into executing a great  restaurant week. Enjoy all that Baltimore has to offer, Hon!!


Restaurant Week  veteran,


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20 minutes ago, MarkS said:

Quite the range from junk to Cingale and Capital Grill.

I highly recommend Rye Street Tavern’s RW Dinner Menu. I had the pleasure of dining there this past summer, and it was awesome. The space in unlike anything in Baltimore. The views are spectacular. The service, I may also add, was exceptional.

Everything from the cocktails to the bib lettuces dressed with Green Goddess dressing to the fried chicken warrants that I may need to make another visit. Fortunately these area all available on the RW menu. But I hope a visit to Rye Street during this week will guarantee a second visit to Port Covington. 

Charm city,



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