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Cielo Rojo, Carolina McCandless' and David Perez's Mexican Taqueria in Takoma Park

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We went to check out Cielo Rojo, quite enjoyed it.   

My points of reference for Mexican I like in the area are Mezcalero, Taqueria Habenero, and Taco Bamba.  "Fine Casual" is an apt way to describe this place I think.

They have the kind of ordering system where you make your selections and pay at the register, and they bring your food to your table.  The food is very good and seems like its made with a great deal of pride and care.  I felt I was in a nice restaurant and had to to stop myself from trying to flag a waiter

We had the queso fundido, carnitas, chicken, and mushroom tacos, and the pozole.  The tortillas are house made and fantastic.  The queso and tacos were excellent, but the pozole was polarizing - the menu says it is vegetarian, and I was hoping for porky goodness, but my dining partner thought it was interesting and had alot of flavor.  Good house made sauces were provided to add, tasty but not adding heat.

Side note - Victoria is my new go-to beer for mexican food, but its not widely available.  A vienna style lager, pairs nicely with spicy food.  Its on the menu but they were out. 

It's a pretty small space, and off the beaten path for us, but I can see heading out there again.  They are a great addition to the community and wishing them success!

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