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King Arthur Flour (1790-), 225-Year-Old Company in Norwich, Vermont - With Pastry Manager Wilhelm Wanders

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1 hour ago, Chocolaterie Wanders said:

I came across this post by chance - just a quick update: We moved up to Vermont in 2011. I am the pastry manager at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT and enjoy my time here tremendously. It was not easy leaving the DC area - we had a great time and business was a lot of fun, but as the family grew, priorities shifted and we chose to move. Definitely the right choice for us - I will be in the area in March again just for a quick visit. It's amazing how much has happened in the DC area since then! Much love and greetings :)

This community misses you, Wilhelm. I hope you come back from time-to-time - please write me and let me know what interests you have outside of DC Dining, as we're making new forums here on a fairly regular basis.

This is *the* King Arthur Flour - that's a pretty darned impressive position. I assume this is the bakery that was opened in 2012?

For those who don't know, King Arthur Flour was founded in 1790 (!), and must surely be one of the oldest businesses in the United States - I mean, we didn't really exist as a country until the year before.

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We swear by it too.  When your hands are in the dough, you notice the difference.  KA has a beautiful silky feel.

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