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Sports Illustrated's "Inclusive" Swimsuit Edition is Exclusionary Yet Again

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Sports Illustrated seems to think they're performing some type of virtuous act by including "larger women" in their Swimsuit Edition these days.

This would be fine, except these "larger women," even though they may weigh fifty pounds more than average, are young, beautiful, have runway-perfect hair and skin, and in the right pose, still have something close to hourglass figures.

Show me the thighs with cauliflower cellulite, the pale, pasty beer guts hanging over the belt line, the 70-year-old who can't get up from her wheelchair because of her weight, and the other ugly realities of obesity, and *then* I'll believe you're doing something other than trying to sell magazines.

"It's a start," they'll say.

Maybe. We'll see how far you take this, but as of now, it's more like catering to a fetish, or a token response to societal pressures.

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