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Sugarvale - Cozy Basement Cocktail Room in Mt. Vernon from the Owners of Dooby's

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Rounding out the top 3 current cocktail spots in Baltimore is Sugarvale in Mt. Vernon, from the owners of Dooby's. Rather than focus on a particular spirit or theme, Sugarvale's cocktail menu takes a light-to-dark approach in terms of the strength and flavor profiles of its drinks. So there is a menu of classic cocktails, as well as menus devoted to lighter sipping drinks and spirit-heavy concoctions.

Though it's been a minute since I've dropped in, memory recalls consistency over multiple visits. The space is seemingly built out of a basement apartment, and does a good job of maintaining the cozy vibe. Good menu of bar snacks, including some Korean-inspired ones due to the Dooby's connection.

You could easily do the Charles St. sweep on one evening starting at Brewers Art, getting dinner at the Helmand, and wrapping up at Sugarvale.

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1 hour ago, dracisk said:

Sorry to change the subject, but how is Dooby's? There's a thread here, but there's only one comment from 2014. I almost had lunch there last weekend before a visit to the Walters, but I somehow ended up at Mick O'Shea's (which had surprisingly yummy nachos).

You should go to Dooby's next time. I'm usually really happy with their bibimbaps, but I admit I ought to branch out and explore more of their menu because it's quite extensive and I have no reason to believe it would be bad.

Fun fact - a couple of years ago at Maryland Deathfest, the owner of Dooby's had set up a taco stand called Pork Lord Tacos and, in a desert of festival food garbage, they were an oasis.

Back to the topic - go to Sugarvale; I may end up there tonight in order to update this thread with additional information.

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