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La Fondita Michoacán - Hole in the Wall Mexican Gem on Shepherd Drive in The Heights

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On my eternal quest to truly know tacos, I stopped in at La Fondita Michoacana a few blocks from my house in the Heights the other day and was not disappointed.  Situated next door to Tortas El Angel (another place I need to explore), it ain't much to look at, but all of the middle-aged ladies working the kitchen and register were super friendly, even when my halting Spanish wasn't quite enough to meet their halting English.  The standard taco fillings are represented, and served on freshly made flour or corn tortillas.  The pastor and barbacoa were fantastic on flour, with a good red and green salsa available (I preferred the brighter verde).  Enchiladas rojas were done well, with rather tossed-off sides of rice and refried beans.  

I'd put the tacos a few notches above Tacos A Go Go, a single notch above Chilosos (though I love Chilosos thick tortillas for breakfast) and on par with Unos Pinches.  Tierra Caliente is probably still juuuuuuust a little better.  That I can easily walk or bike to Fondita means I'll probably eat here more often than any of the others. 

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