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Houston with 11 year old in November


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Hey, sorry for the delay...struggling through a week with the flu.

My kids are younger, but here are a few thoughts:

NASA - depending on your kid's love for space stuff, it may be worth the drive south to Clear Lake to visit NASA.

Discovery Green - this park is right outside your hotel. They have a number of activities year-round, and typically have outdoor ice skating in the "winter." 

Children's Museum - My 5 year old loves it, but there are also plenty of cool science-y stuff for older kids too.

Menil Collection - Fantastic art museum, if the tween is into that sort of thing

Art Car Museum - Small, quirky museum focused on the strange and wonderful Houston creation that is art cars. (Also, have a couple St. Arnold Art Car IPAs while you're here.)

I'll add more here as I think of other stuff, and will try to ask some friends with older kids what sorts of things they like doing in the city.

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