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Voltaggio Brothers Steak House - Modified-Traditional American Steakhouse at MGM National Harbor

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So I did not see this (Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse) listing and figured it may help those when planning a visit to the area.

Reservations here non-existent two weeks out so we did the next best thing and got there about 4:45 (they open at 5 PM), and scored a table in the bar area.  If you are OK eating in a "lounge" type environment it is fine; chairs are cushy and tables are low.  The wait staff was attentive, but not overbearing and knowledgeable. My only gripe was it took about 30 minutes to get our drinks (mixed and wine, so nothing complicated) when we got there, but after that the food from salad and apps to dinner was timed properly without issue.

Caesar Salad (interesting twist with the anchovy hushpuppies)

Beefsteak Tomato Heart Salad 

Oysters Rockefeller - Since they were green the presentation was inspiring, but flavor was excellent)

Parker House Rolls and Cheddar Biscuits - if you remember the Parker House rolls from CitiZen, they are not that good, but good in their own right.

Filets - Wagyu beef was very flavorful.

Scalloped Potatos

We did not have dessert as we were catching a show and ran short on time.  I would go back, when we have more time - plan on spending ~$100/person with a drink. 

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