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As I am learning, and digging in deep in to the folklore of the Pennsylvania Dutch, I recently learned of the mud sale. I have yet to go to one, but am fascinated by this group of humans and their semi colonial ways. In the short time I have spent in Lancaster, I have become rather smitten with it. There is so much to learn, as well as explore in Lancaster. With each interaction I have with both locals, as well as transplants, it all creates a rather vibrant quilt . 

There are spots that I have wandered into that I am hesitant on sharing for fear it may lose its local charm and be overpopulated with tourists. Although at the same time I want to shout from the rooftop that Lancaster is filled with art, culture, and dining spots that are worthy of media accolades. I suppose while learning about the locals, I will learn what to share, and when to keep my lips sealed. After all the best kept secrets of any city are best discovered on your own,or  perhaps with a hint of print. 


Stay curious,


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