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Cal Ripken

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I was looking for a thread on Cal Ripken and instead found this quote by Don:  


(note: We do not have a thread on Cal Ripken, Jr. - can someone please make this happen?)

Here goes, though not really the way a thread about the great Cal Ripken should ensue:
Ripken is selling his majestic 25 acre home North of Baltimore

Its an astonishing place, and keep reading:  Cal Ripken is a cook.  Well, I don't have much to add but I'm sure there are at least 2632 great things to say about him.

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On Sep 6, 1995, Ripken played in his 2131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig's record.

At this point in his career, Eddie Murray was playing for the Cleveland Indians (he returned to Baltimore in 1996).

Rafael Palmeiro started the game for the Orioles at 1st base - Palmeiro is not in the Hall of Fame due to the steroids scandal.

So ... no Murray, no Palmeiro - how many people in the Orioles starting lineup that day are in the Hall of Fame?

Answer: THREE! It could have been five.

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