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14 hours ago, Ericandblueboy said:

I read a review on Wapo and I picked one up from Best Buy.  It’s kind of cool, but the images are not very sharp.  What is there to do with it?

I'm not a gamer and I currently have no interest in VR.  Over a very long time I've never been an early implementer of any technology.  Years ago it was because I didn't have the money.  After a while of seeing all sorts of technology over a long time it became apparent that initial versions were more expensive and not as good as later versions.  Of course the Oculus is a latter version of some other VR technologies and more affordable.

Regardless and separate of all that Oculus is owned by Facebook.  It spooks me to think that FB will gain the insights of whatever one watches and then will use that in some way or method, let alone possibly again revealing that private information to some advertiser or whomever pays the big bucks. 

At times I buy advertising through FB.  The interests and trends that folks display are varied, and in that wide variety mind blowing.  We have never had the technical ability or desire to try and tie specifics to any individuals.  But others have.

The possibilities with VR are endless.


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