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What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

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3 hours ago, Sundae in the Park said:

we're taking that as a big win

That's a big win for sure!

We had chicken cacciatore and pasta last night and tonight. Last night the 4-(almost 5-)year-old gave us a big fight but ultimately ate quite a bit. There's nothing about this she doesn't like (OK, maybe the green peppers -- she always picks those out) -- chicken, tomato sauce, mushrooms (which she likes), pasta, and all the Parmesan her little heart could desire. Now that she's on a major burrito kick she demands a burrito every night, even if we're having something else she likes. My husband and I have to stick to our guns to get her to eat anything other than a burrito. Tonight when she got home from preschool instead of shrieking "I WANT A BURRITO!" when we told her what we were having, she said, "I like chicken and pasta!" (not that I think we won't be having any more fights about burritos).

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