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Ikaros, Owner Xenos Kohilas' Greek, with the Same Head Chef, in Greektown since 1969

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43 minutes ago, DonRocks said:

Ikaros has been open in Baltimore since 1969 - just up I-95 from Locust Point.

ἐκ τοῦ καπνοῦ ἐξῆλθον ἀκρίδες

I like Ikaros.  Started going there just two years or so after they opened.  It was one townhouse big back then. Its size now is a testimony to its enduring popularity based on their ability to please customers with food, service, and value.  Is there better Greek food in Baltimore now?   Yes (at least several years ago).   I don't care.  I still like returning to Ikaros.  Really great longevity!!!!

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I'd suggest giving Ikaros its own thread in Baltimore.  Its an amazing restaurant institution in Baltimore.  It started as a small restaurant opened by Greek immigrants in one narrow commercial townhouse on Eastern Avenue in 1969, expanded into multiple adjacent townhouses and now is in this large/massive two story building with banquet facilities one block from its original location. It has been around 49 years and its growth is phenomenal.  That area was called Greek town and I vaguely recall other Greek restaurants in the area but Ikaros was the crown jewel for so many decades.  Its growth is testimony to its popularity.

Its also conducive to fun.  For several decades after I left Baltimore I would periodically meet old friends regathering in the city.  With so many restaurant choices we often went to Ikaros.  Its an easy place to dine well and enjoy the company of others.

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7 hours ago, pras said:

Has anyone been here lately?  Thinking about having a meal here this weekend.

Yes, go here and order the Ikaros Seafood and Phyllo - it's a fantastic dish. I almost went there again last week, but opted for Woodberry Kitchen instead because it was closer to where I was staying.

This dish takes a good 20-30 minutes to prepare (it's worth it), so sip some ouzo while you wait, or get a bottle of Greek wine.

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