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Making Flavored Pasta


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I'm thinkng that spaetzle are a delivery device for whatever you are serving them with.  I've found that whatever I try to blend into the batter, I don't wind up with much of a flavor vector.  You might do well with color, but only something that will impart a lot of flavor with a little quantity is likely to have much of an effect.

That goes for pretty much all pasta like dishes.

Unfortunately certain things do not work with regards to flavoring pastas. Although you can try concentrating the squash, pumpkin, etc. to a smaller volume so that you can add more to the flour and no affect the doughs integrity.

I have found that the best ways to combine these flavors are making stuffed pastas, ravioli or tortellini or whatever, if you do not want to use the ingredient in the sauce. Another good seasoning idea for the pasta is to use various herbs and spices as those flavors tend to come through much better.

Anyone have favorite flavored pastas that they make?

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