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Rice A Roni (1958-) - "The San Francisco Treat," Invented by Vince DeDominico, Owned by Quaker Oats (a Subsidiary of PepsiCo)

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5 hours ago, Pat said:

This is basically rice pilaf.  I don't really think of that as Asian, but I guess it depends on the seasonings you use.

4 hours ago, DIShGo said:

Apparently the inspiration for Rice A Roni came from Pailadzo Captanian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide and an author.

Pilaf, Armenian, Asian (anything east of the Urals) ... all related. You can see the Urals at the top-center of the map; Armenia down below, highlighted in red - by the classical definition, Rice-A-Roni isn't Asian, but it's a moot point; it was marketed as Far-Asian, i.e., Chinese, and it certainly isn't that.

Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 00.57.25.png

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9 hours ago, Pat said:

Pilaf is a staple at every one of my Armenian in-laws' special occasion/holiday meals. We just ate a whole lot of it at Thanksgiving.

3 hours ago, Tweaked said:

I do have a college-related soft spot for Rice A Roni.

I'm thinking Caspian Sea Beluga Caviar and Rice A Roni are pretty much the high and low points of Armenian fare.

Lower still: Lower.jpeg

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