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Tomatillos (Mexican Husk Tomatoes)


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Where can I find fresh tomatillos, preferably in Arlington? I struck out at Whole Foods Clarendon (where I've found them before), Mom's Organic Market, and Trader Joe's.  I'm hoping the South Arlington groceries will be more likely to have them because of more demand.  No one's been answering the phone at the ones I called (probably too late in the evening to be as fully staffed, can try again tomorrow), but I'd rather not have to go from store to store to store to find them.


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Thanks all! The Penrose Giant in S. Arlington has them and we will get some tonight. They were my first guess, but didn't pick up the phone last night when I was calling around (no one did at any store - lesson learned, don't press the number for the produce department, just press the number for customer service instead, as they answered this morning).

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