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Thanida Thai - Owners Jaruvan and Songyodh Tantiyangkul, and Chef Wanchai Deedanklang in the Former Royal Thai Space, Alexandria

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Thanida Thai - Our Story

This place replaced Royal Thai and is mentioned in the Royal Thai threads, but doesn't have it's own thread.

Hubby meant to say he wanted to go to the Vietnamese restaurant near my office, but he said Thai.  So I drove to the Thai restaurant.  Since it is so close to my office so we get take out from time to time, but I don't like writing reviews on places I have only gotten take out from.  My first in restaurant visit was over the holiday with Hubby.  We liked the variety on the menu.  I had the dried crispy beef combo with papaya salad and sticky rice.  Hubby had a rice dish.  He said his was very spicy and he liked it- I think it was Kra Proa Fried Rice.  I thought the sticky rice could have been a little more moist, but it was fine and we were there kind of late in the afternoon.  The beef and papaya salad were good, service was nice.  It's a very small restaurant, but they seem to be fairly kid friendly and do a fair amount of take out.  

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