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Jerry's Subs and Pizza, a Gaithersburg-Based Sub Franchise Originally Founded in 1954

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11 hours ago, ElGuapo said:

Jerry's Subs and Pizza, a Gaithersburg-based chain originally founded in Wheaton, is undergoing expansion, with a downtown Silver Spring location opening yesterday:

"Jerry's Subs and Pizza Opens on Colesville Road" by Mike Diegel on sourceofthespring.com

I guess it would still be considered expansion after a long period of contraction 🙂

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3 minutes ago, Ferris Bueller said:

sort of....

Jerry’s Subs & Pizza in North Point Village Center Closes After Fire

Bizarre sentence from the story: "The closest locations — Gaithersburg, Md. or Manassas, Va. — are several hours away." [Emphasis added]

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7 hours ago, Al Dente said:

Are the subs and pizza as bad as I suspect they are?

I haven't been in over thirty years, but we used to call it "Scary's."

Is this the same ownership as the original Jerry's operation? This is now a franchise; I don't know if the original was a franchise (independent owners) or a chain (central corporate ownership).

They're going for max-franchises - note the name of the website: jerrysusa.com. I know nothing about franchising strategies, but I suspect the only thing they need to worry about is cannibalism; other than that, I guess it's a matter of marketing, and making your franchisees happy while maximizing profits (that was a PhD-level statement poorly approximated in half a sentence).

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